Drink & Liquid Food

Drink & liquid food industry bottling plants are complex, highly integrated and mechanised system.

The construction of lines incorporating a number of machines, each performing a specific function, creates long kinematic chains, starting with production and sterilisation of the bottle and ending with its packaging and palletisation.
The product is now ready for immediate loading on the trucks used for transportation, with no need for in-plant storage.
The complexity and continuity of this process mean that high quality and reliability standards must be met when constructing both the machines and their individual components.

Coremo Ocmea occupies a leading position in this industry thanks to its large range of brakes, generally installed at the base of the blow moulding module carousel.
The carousel rotates on its own axis at very high speed, generating very high levels of inertia; in the most modern plants, output rates may be as high as 70,000 bottles/hour.
Coremo brakes have the task of stopping the carousel as quickly as possible, in the least possible space, in accordance with the technical specification requested by the customer and in a manner compatible with the blow-moulding unit’s mechanical structure.

What’s more, in applications of this kind choosing the right brake is of crucial importance. The Coremo Ocmea engineers, working closely with the customer, perform an in-depth analysis of the torque required, the heat generated during braking and the best type of linings for these plants.

The brakes normally used in this industry are failsafe pneumatic units, normally Coremo series D,E and F.