The rapid growth of new economies around the world has led to a rise in the demand for electricity. At the same time, greater awareness of environmental policies has encouraged a growing interest in alternative forms of energy, derived from renewable sources. In this context, investments have been made in improving the technologies available to the wind, solar and hydrodynamic power generation sectors.

Coremo Ocmea has participated and is still active in a number of projects, with efficient technical solutions for various applications. For example:

- In the wind power sector for turbine yaw and rotor control.
- In the photovoltaic sector to keep solar panels in the best position for the sunlight angle.
- In the hydrodynamic sector with braking systems installed on the turbines of hydroelectric power plants for maintenance, inspection or emergency stopping.

Design, painstaking attention to brake size, the quality of the materials used, and the work to deliver more efficient braking systems in general place are the specific characteristics of the Coremo product and services, completely in line with the philosophy in this industry, which aims to create the maximum value-added while reducing environmental impact.

The brakes most widely used in these markets are caliper type: pneumatic, hydraulic and hand-applied. Brakes may be oil-applied, air-actuated or spring-applied/failsafe, depending on the application.
The working environments, often exposed to the weather (wind and water), mean that the right protective systems, such as protective casings or epoxy coatings, need to be carefully chosen.
These features allow surfaces’ resistance to oxidising agents to be increased.