The mining of ores and other minerals is still of considerable importance for national economies, not only to meet the needs of the domestic market but also in order to increase export levels. Coremo Ocmea has been active in this industry for some time, constructing braking systems for both open-cast and underground mining operations, and in particular for applications such as:

- vehicles
- conveyor systems for the extracted ores
- lifting systems for people and materials
- underground mine ventilation systems.

Due to the specific nature of mining environments, especially underground, and the physical and chemical characteristics of the various ores, the materials used for the brake’s construction must be chosen with care.
In environments with an explosion risk, spark-resistant brake linings must be used, while other materials, such as aluminium, are absolutely prohibited due to their flammability.
In fact, Coremo replaces its conventional aluminium thrusters with steel thrusters.