Wire & Cable

Coremo is a benchmark brand for all wire and cable market constructors and operators. In decades in business, the company has successfully developed and installed pneumatic caliper brakes, often custom-designed for specific applications, on all the types of machines in use in this particular sector, such as pay-off stands, extruders, cable treatment lines, braiding machines, tubular stranders, planetary cablers, twisters and others.

Since the applications are so varied, specific knowledge of the appropriate friction materials is essential. They vary from machine to machine, with all four types of braking involved: cable tensioning, emergency stopping (brakes installed on the driveline system), holding or cyclic stopping.

The anti-corrosion treatments supplied by Coremo Ocmea are suitable for prolonged use of brakes in these environments, which are not particularly aggressive.

The rugged construction, efficiency and easy maintenance of Coremo pneumatic caliper brakes guarantee a reduction of the particularly high costs generated by machine down-times and reject production.