Over decades of activity, Coremo has become a benchmark brand for all IOM and end users on this market.


Air and spring-applied pneumatic caliper brakes, often custom-designed for applications such as pay-off stands, extruders, cable treatment lines, braiding machines, tubular stranders, planetary cablers, twisters and others.
Specific know-how on friction materials, which vary from machine to machine depending on braking type: continuous slipping (cable tensioning), emergency stopping (brakes installed on the driveline system), holding or cyclic stopping.
- Standard anti-corrosion treatments suitable for use of brakes in environments which are not particularly aggressive.
A vast range of drive couplings and cast iron hat or steel flat discs.
- Rugged construction, efficiency and easy maintenance of Coremo pneumatic caliper brakes to reduce the particularly high costs generated by machine down-times and reject production.
- Technical consulting service for development of customised solutions in association with clients.