B 2N


Braking force F :
ID 2000N-47 47000 N ID 2000N-58 58000 N ID 2000N-116 116000 N
Dynamic torque :
F • (disc radius in m - 0.071) = Nm
(ID 2000N-47) :
Min. release pressure: 85 bar
(ID 2000N-58) :
Min. release pressure: 100 bar
(ID 2000N-116) :
Min. release pressure: 200 bar
Max pressure :
220 bar
Max total wear :
18 mm
Thickness of new lining :
15 mm
Continuous thermal capacity Qc :
25 kW
Hydraulic fluid :
Mineral oil based SAE/ISO 46
Total oil displacement for 2 mm movement of each pad :
0.037 dm3

The Coremo Ocmea service is completed by reporting which includes calculations, FEM analyses and technical reports (all in English) supplied to the customer to complete the technical documentation of the machine on which the brakes are to be installed. This enables customers to make comments on the design variables and allows the Technical Department to adjust the design to provide the most suitable solution.